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Piha Surf Academy Instructors

Learn about Piha Surf Academy, Piha Surf Academy has been founded and developed on a goal to enlighten and inspire all in their surfing journey. The team at Piha Surf Academy share a passion for surfing, we came together through the love of teaching others.

The academy has been carefully constructed to meet the needs of all, we cater for children, adults, beginners and advanced surfers. Through our programme we aim in fostering relationships with the water, individualised and progressive lessons and to provide a support network of keen surfers.

The team at Piha Surf Academy are committed to providing a safe and fun environment for surfing, approved by Surfing New Zealand we ensure the highest standards of surf safety, comprehensive coaching and qualified staff. Our local founders are highly familiar with Piha beach and have years of experience with a range of New Zealand surf breaks.

Piha Surf Academy has a strong community focus, working with local business and families. Piha Surf Academy and Piha Boardriders Club work closely to provide the perfect balance between surf training and competitive and fun competitions.  

Be Inspired

Piha Surf Academy is a place for the people in it. Programmes and initiatives are well designed but are designed to meet the needs of our members. If you wish to discuss the categories or request a service please do our aim is to reflect our amazing group of surfers.