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Our main location at Piha beach is a breathtaking taking place with consistent surf. Situated at the edge of the spectacular Waitakere Ranges, Piha is known as the safest surf spot on Auckland west coast.

The coastline provides a safe place for both learners and more advanced surfers. Surfing in Piha dates back to the 1950s when a local man Peter Buyers began building boards selling them to local friends. It is crazy to think around 1959-1960 there were a group of about 4 friends surfing these waves.

Quickly surfing became a popular sport the amount of surfers in the water had tripled by 1963. From then on a new alternative surf culture has flourished, people fell for the freedom discovered by riding waves, the invigorating and healthy lifestyle was popular.

Today the same feeling grabs people, the beach is filled with keen women and men surfers 50years later. 

For more information and local news follow this link www.piha.co.nz

Accommodation in Piha

There are many options for accommodation in Piha Beach, from camping and caravans to backpackers and Bed and Breakfast.