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At Piha Surf Academy we pride ourselves from being different from the rest. We often come along people thinking they won’t get much from surf coaching and that they don’t really need it. We don’t blame them! Surf schools often don’t have a great reputation; coach-students ratio, surf gear and teaching skills are often the mater of these issues.

Our coaching style have been created with a psychology and educational background. We understand people are different from each other, meaning their learning process works differently. Our coaching programmes have been designed by taking into consideration a visual, physical, logical and verbal approach making sure we can tailor surfers learning styles.

Our technical and logical approach makes the sport of surfing easy to learn when taught by us, you will get the same approach as if you would learn any other sport like soccer or cricket.

How Do We Coach?

We have found through our years of experience that taking technical and personalised approach is the key for quality coaching. Our 4:1 ratio and same skill level groups makes the difference when it comes to improvement. We break down surfing into specific and easy to follow steps.