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Custom Packages


Custom packages with Piha Surf Academy are fantastic, we have the flexibility to cater for any bookings. We offer a range of custom packages such as school groups and teams to birthday parties even corporate and team building bookings. We have great staff that capture the essence of surfing with fun and engaging lessons.

Experience fun


Piha Surf Academy offer a range of options for schools. Our programmes can meet NCEA and curriculum requirements, are fantastic for full day excursion or can be included as a sports activity. Piha Surf Academy offer the perfect opportunity for young learners today, our engaging and enthusiastic team are highly qualified and registered with Surfing New Zealand, all safety aspects and procedures are attended to.

Our programmes and team are supported and developed from trained staff in the field of education and psychology ensuring safe, fun and innovative sessions. We also visit schools and centres providing talks and activities around beach safety and surfing.

To find out more or to book contact: (09)812 8712 or email surf@pihasurfacademy.com

Corporate/Team Building

Surfing is the perfect outdoor adventure for any team. Piha Surf Academy staff run engaging and fun lessons in a safe environment. All staff are internationally qualified instructors and we use top equipment. Previous groups have had a fantastic time learning together, being challenged together and supporting each other to success. After experiencing the outdoors we can also organise a hearty lunch.

To find out more or to book contact: (09)812 8712 or email surf@pihasurfacademy.com

Kids Birthdays

Piha Surf Academy have great kids programmes ideal for a special day. The thrill of being outdoor with some amazing people can make their day. Our staff are internationally qualified, Piha Surf Academy are fully registered with Surfing New Zealand. We pride ourselves in having low ratios 1:3 and the highest safety standards. Our sessions are engaging fun and safe. The birthday person will also receive a little gift from us for bookings with over 4 guests.

To find out more or to book contact: (09)812 8712 or email surf@pihasurfacademy.com