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Find your surfing level

It is critical you communicate your surfing level and experience to Piha Surf Academy before coming for surf coaching – this way can we plan ahead the most productive and suitable session for you, leading to a faster improvement. At Piha Surf Academy we recognise 4 surfing levels, each one needing a different coaching approach. We will never mix abilities within groups and we limit our coaching to 3 surfers per session. Click here for more information on how we coach surfing.

Below is a detailed description of the 4 surfing levels.

Find Your Surfing Level

Level 1

Level one surf lessons are held in mellow white water waves. You will always be able to stand on your feet, the deepest we would go is chest deep. During the session you will learn surf safety, how to deal with rip currents, how to select and catch waves by yourself; you will also learn the functional surf stance and about trimming and carving turns. These sessions provides a solid foundation to your surfing development.


Level 2

Level 2 surfers are moving from white water waves to focusing to ride unbroken and reform waves with an in-water coach. You will learn the skills to paddle out confidently and safely to the line up using techniques to paddle through the white water and rips; wave selection and surf etiquette are covered during these sessions allowing you to deal with different surf scenarios in a controlled and confident way.


Level 3

Level 3 surfers are able to catch unbroken waves confidently and regularly without any assistance. They know how to position themselves in the line up and are familiarised with surf etiquette and surf safety. From this level onwards the most productive coaching is done by video analysis and coaching from the beach so you can learn by watching yourself. You will learn how to perform cutbacks and basic manoeuvres and when to apply them.


Level 4

Level 4 training is all about video analysis and breaking down maneuvers.  You will learn when and how to perform these in the most critical part of the wave. You will also learn how to generate speed and tube riding skills. You will gain the skills of self analysis and be able to find your own faults when watching yourself surfing.

We mentioned that video analysis is more suitable and productive for levels 3 and 4, yet we have found that it is extremely helpful for surfers at all surfing level and ages.