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Holiday Programmes

School Holiday Fun,

Piha Surf Academy provide a comprehensive and fun school holiday programmes for children aged 7 and up under 7s can email in to request. Our programme has been developed for children wanting to learn to surf, meet new friends and to develop a relationship with water. Children within our holiday programme will learn about beach and water safety, develop confidence in the water and learn to surf. Children in our holiday will have adequate supervision with qualified and specially trained instructors that approach coaching in a fun and engaging way. Although children in our beginner holiday programmes will surf at a safe depth according to their height, they still need to be able to swim confidently.


“A huge thank you to Felipe Rebolledo and Chelsea Withers and your team from Piha Surf Academy for the most amazing 3 days my son had learning to surf on your school holiday programme. It can be a scary thing leaving your child in the hands of others in the rugged Piha surf and yet your professional and fun approach with the children quickly put my mind at ease and my son Zinzan is now hooked on surfing and we’re planning on buying a board, thank you!! Fully recommend to others, professional, safe, fun and fantastic affordable prices” – NICOLA

Spring School holidays 2016 (Sep/Oct)

2 day programme: $99

Programme availability

26th-27th September

3rd-4th September


3 day programme: $149

Programme availability

26th-28th September

3rd-5th September

Summer School Holidays 2016/17

2 day programme: $99

Programme availability

28th-29th December

4th-5th January

9th-10th January

16th-17th January

23rd-24th January

Summer School Holidays 2016/17

3 day programme: $149

Programme availability

28th-30th December

4th-6th January

9th-11th January

16th-18th January

23rd-25th January

Note: This price includes a surf session each day with an internationally qualified instructor, Our holiday programme lessons will be 2 hours. This package includes a safe soft top board for the lessons some hard tops are available to try if discussed with staff. We love to capture some of the amazing experiences and smiles in the water, at the end of the programme you will receive some professional photos of your child having a great time hitting the summer waves. A minimum of 3 children is required.

Want more?

Grom Full Day,

Sessions are designed to get keen groms ahead. The full day programme is an ultimate surf day where children enjoy surfing with friends, have a video analysis session, explore the benefits of skating and practice technique. This programme is fantastic for kids wanting to progress in a fun, supportive and safe environment. Click on the link to find out more.

Full Day Programme

For more information or to book an experience of a life time call: (09) 812 8712 email: surf@pihasurfacademy.com