Our grom programmes have been created for kids to develop a relationship with water, to learn to surf and improve across all levels and to develop confidence in themselves and in the water. Our programmes are all carefully designed to meet the needs of children aged 5-18years. Our staff are all experienced and are trained to engage and motivate children on their journey to learning to surf.

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School Term Surf Programme:

Our school term grom programme is a fantastic way to make friends, to keep active, maintain and improve surfing techniques and skills for children 5-17. Our programme is designed to build confidence and knowledge in the water. Groms joining our full term training will have an Individualized progressive plan ensuring adequate support. Piha Surf Academy utilizes a range of resources to provide a wholesome programme. Piha Surf Academy qualified instructors approach surf coaching in a fun and engaging way and are motivated to support all surfers in their journey.


Available: 2020 Spring and Summer dates coming soon. Get in touch for more info. 


School Holiday Surf Programme:

Piha Surf Academy provides a comprehensive and fun school holiday programme for children aged 5 and up. Our programme has been developed for children wanting to learn to surf, meet new friends and to develop a relationship with water. Children within our holiday programme will learn about beach and water safety, develop confidence in the water and learn to surf. Children in our holiday will have adequate supervision with experienced and specially trained instructors that approach coaching in a fun and engaging way. Although children in our beginner holiday programmes will surf at a safe depth according to their height, they still need to be able to swim confidently.


Sessional Programme Available: (2 hours per day)

Available: 2020 Spring and Summer dates coming soon. Get in touch for more info. 



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