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Best Surf Destination New Zealand, Piha Beach

Hi, nice to see you here! New Zealand has some amazing surf spots! In this blog, we will give you some information about the black sand beach near Auckland, Piha.

North Piha

Piha beach is only a 50 minutes drive from Auckland CBD. Piha is one of the most famous surfing beaches of New Zealand. You can find Piha on the West Coast of Auckland. In summer there are a lot of lifeguards, who are making sure that everyone is safe in the water.

Piha is divided by the Lion Rock, forming North and South Piha. It is possible to surf at both beaches, South Piha is more suitable for beginners and North Piha is great for intermediate to advanced. The beach is perfect to learn a new skill or improve your surf techniques, because of the different types of waves in both areas of the beach!

Lion Rock at Piha Beach

Piha is family friendly, there is a parking spot just 2 minutes away from the beach. You can do a lot of activities at the beach with your family; surfing, paddle boarding, barbecuing, etc. There is a large public camping ground near the beach, Piha Domain. It can provide tents, campervans and caravans and there is even an option to hire a cabin. When you will stay here you have access to different facilities; a cookhouse, hot showers and toilets. There is also a tennis court, children's playground and a lagoon so your children won't be bored!

There are public toilets available, changing sheds in the middle of the beach.

If you would like to do some hiking; Piha offers some walking tracks along the beach with an amazing view, for example, the Lion Rock track or the Tasman Lookout track.

Piha Beach, Lion Rock, Surf, Auckland

Piha was settled by a Maori family, the name 'Piha' comes originally from the rock you may as Lion Rock. In the 30s the first surf boat race was held. The first club at the beach was settled in 1934, the Piha Surf Live Saving Club. The population of Piha is not that big, there live around 600 people in the area, but it is a friendly community where you would feel like you are home.

You can go to one of the local cafes near Piha Beach where you will have a delicious dinner and an amazing view after you have spent your day at the beach.

We hope you liked the information about Piha and we would be delighted if we would see you around :) !

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