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Chicks on Board - Surfs up

Girls Learning to Surf, Black Sand Beach, Piha

Chicks on Board, more and more females are hitting the surf and taking over line ups everywhere. We at Piha Surf Academy want to celebrate! We want to create a fun and supportive environment where women who have started surfing can come and improve technique and others can get out there and have a go. We will have 2 hour sessions available once a month on the second Saturday from December through to March. Floating around on a board out the back or a party wave sharing the stoke always makes surfing that much more fun.

We will be offering free cold drinks for our thirsty surfers and $10 for childcare so those wonderful mums can join in to. There is going to be loads of sun, sand and waves. So get on board today. The perfect gift for your partner or best friend gift vouchers available.

$70 per surfer

To Register or to book get in touch email: or call: (09) 812 8712


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