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What to expect of your first surf lesson

How exciting, you will have your first surf lesson! But what can you expect of the surf lesson and what is good to know? I will give you some information that could help you.
Positive Surfer, Piha
Be Positive!
It is very important to start your first surf lesson positive and openminded when you will learn a new skill. Go with an open mind, you will get the most out of the surf lesson and before you know it, you will even be able to stand on your board! If you are nervous about learning to surf, you might find it more difficult to paddle and surf. And don't forget, making mistakes is an important part of the learning process!
The Pop-Up Technique
After your surf instructor gives you an explanation about the surf techniques about how to surf and the safety in the water, you will practice the pop-up technique on the beach before going into the water. It is quite easy to practice on the beach and very essential for when you are in the water. Just like any other physical skill, you will improve the more you do it, the more you practice the pop-up the better your surf technique will be.
Trial and Error
After you practiced the pop-up technique several times you will go into the water, yaaaaaaas! You will learn how to surf in the white water and the surfboard are special designed for beginners so everyone can float on the boards. As the title says, it is a matter of trial and error. The first few times you probably wont be able to stand up, but don't get frustrated! Surfing is one of the most complex but most rewarding water sports. After your first 3,4 maybe 10 'wipe-outs' you will have your first wave and you will have the best feeling! Be patient!
Be aware of the rip currents
When you have your first surf lesson the instructor will teach you about the beach. Learning about the beach and how the water moves is a big part of surfing.
During your lesson you will learn how to spot a current. and what to do if you you drift out with one
You can recognize them by a several things: there could be choppy water, a line of seaweed or seafoam moving steadily towards to sea, different colored water and in the incoming waves there is a break. If you ever find yourself in the situation you are caught in a rip current it is very important to remain calm, you can do the following two things: swim sideways to the shore or follow it to calmer water. After you left the current you can ride a wave to get back to the shore.
While you are learning your instructor will keep you out of them and as you progress you will learn to use them to surf different kinds of waves.
Surfers, Auckland, Happy
What not to forget?
There are a few things you shouldn't forget on your surf lesson! Swimmers, a towel and dry clothes are pretty obvious, but after your lesson you would like to eat and drink something so it would be recommended to bring some food ( like a muesli bar ) and a bottle of water. it is important to bring your sunblock with you, even if it is cloudy you might get sunburned anyway! There are special sunblocks formulated for watersports/ surfing.
You might feel a bit tight the next day. Your body will hurt the next day, you are using more muscles while surfing then you realize. Don't forget to have a little stretch later that day!

Good luck and enjoy your surf lesson!

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