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School Holiday Surf Programme!

Surfers waiting for a wave

School Holiday with Piha Surf Academy! We have had some amazing surf lesson the last couple of weeks and we can't wait till the summer 2018/2019 begins!

We are super excited about our fun School Holiday Surf Programme for children aged 7 and up. This will start at the end of December. We have multiple dates available so you will have plenty of options to chose from. Our programme has been created for children wanting to learn to surf, meet new friends and to develop a relationship with water.

You are surrounded by water in New Zealand, that is why children within our holiday programme and surf lessons will learn about beach and water safety, develop confidence in the water and learn to surf. Summer is only just starting so get in touch and get out surfing today.

The dates of our School Holiday Programme:

2 Days: 28/29 December 2018 3/4 January 2019

3 Days: 7/8/9 January 2019 15/16/17 January 2019

We are looking forward to the new season and are super stoked to share the water with new and enthusiastic surfers to be! Get in touch today and we will see you soon :)

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