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Piha Surf Academy Gift Vouchers

Surf lessons are the perfect gift for friends, children, family, colleagues, just about anyone that you want to spoil. For a christmas gift, a birthday gift, an I love you gift a Piha Surf Academy voucher says it all. Surfing is hard to not love, the refreshing spray from the ocean, the clean air and the rushing endorphins it’s a feeling that can’t be replaced. At Piha Surf Academy our fun and innovative coaching style as well as our range of surf programmes sets us apart from the rest. Our programmes cater for all ages, beginners that have never surfed, intermediate surfers wanting to up skill and challenge themselves as well as more advanced competitive surfers. You can purchase a voucher for any of our programmes or lessons.

To Get you’re hands on the perfect gift contact: (09) 8128712 or email:


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