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Piha Surf Academy Lessons September

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Piha Surf Academy Lessons – September has been a great month! September has been the light at the end of the wintery tunnel. Along with day light savings came a fantastic run of perfect surf, making summer feel right around the corner. Some highlights of the month have been with the groms. With the school holidays, the groms hit the waves after a long term at school. All of the groms have come so far and improve every session, spending time out the back, progressing on to hard tops, learning new maneuvers, catching their own waves and more. It has been a busy September with more exciting things to come. We have a range of options for Groms from one on one lessons, school holiday programmes to after school sessions. Stay tuned to keep up to date, lots of great stuff this season.

To get your kids or teens booked in to one of our fantastic programmes contact us today (09) 812 8712 or email


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